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ABCs of real estate: leasing or buying?

If you can afford it – buy it.

Again, this is obvious. But for many of the reasons mentioned about retaining and attracting employees, doesn’t it sound like a worthwhile investment?

ABCs of real estate: bad landlords.

You can become sick and tired of dealing with lazy landlords.
This is another obvious one to move to a different location.

Unfortunately - companies don’t take action against this enough because the tenant must build a case to void the lease.
If the landlord doesn’t live up to any part of the lease, the tenant has a right to void the entire thing after tracking the landlord’s misdeeds for a few months.

ABCs of real estate: signs pointing towards needs for changes (2).

Parking problems and outdated decor.

These two factors may have a negative effect on everyone’s morale and productivity.
When employees and clients are having trouble finding parking and traffic is always heavy it is completely worth a move if it helps your employees’ commute while making parking for everyone easier.

ABCs of real estate: signs pointing towards needs for changes (1).

If your employees are not happy with their office surroundings, it may mean, that the overall interior design needs to be reworked.
This doesn’t just mean that you have too many employees in your space.
It may just not be working the best for your company and your employees’ work style.

ABCs of real estate: downsizing.

It is not reasonable when your company is paying a landlord for space that it doesn’t use.
Downsizing isn’t always the worst possibility.
You don’t want to be paying for office space that you aren’t using.
That makes no sense. Unless you plan on adding more people, it is a waste of money.

ABCs of real estate: time for change? Decisions?

Do we need new office space?

Although the last three years have changed the “office culture” everywhere in the world (Covid 19 and work-from-home ideas), I firmly believe, that office spaces will still be needed.
Maybe in different capacities, but they will be needed.

ABCs of real estate: special purpose real estate.

This group is actually pretty large and different or various.

These types of real estate “entities” may be owned by commercial real estate investors but can’t be classified in one of the categories mentioned in this chapter.

ABCs of real estate: land.

These are in undeveloped, rural, or raw areas. You can see many of them for sale when you drive past on highways and travel routes.

There are three types:

ABCs of real estate: hotels.

There are five main types of hotels:

• Full-Service – These are stacked with guest services and top amenities. These include top restaurants, conference rooms, convention spaces, spas, shops, and gyms. These are usually located in the central business district or downtown areas that see the most tourists, for example, St. Regis, Westin, and Hyatt. Their success usually depends on the quality of their on-site amenities.

ABCs of real estate: apartment buildings.

Multifamily dwellings are probably the most popular real estate investment vehicles.
This group includes any residential real estate that is not a single-family home. It includes townhouses, condos, and apartments and can come in almost any shape and size, and location. They usually include swimming pools, outdoor patios, and fitness centers.

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